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What Does "What do You Bring to the Table" Mean?

I realized "What do you bring to the table?" is really "Can you help me?" Not a can-you-help-me in an arrogant way, but of fear. Can you help me by walking with and assisting me as I am still healing? Can you help me in areas I feel flawed in. Can you please teach me what I do not know? Can you please be gentle with me for I have wounds and sensitivities, some I'm aware of and some not, but am working to heal. And the ultimate, a beg for mercy. "Please do not hurt me."

Many cannot articulate nor realize the real question they'd like to ask. We mask our fears with stoic faces. We create stale walls to hide the clutter in our minds and turmoil in our souls. We attempt to protect from judgement during the renovations of our temples. We all know renovations are done in phases from demolition to final presentation, but many of the world judges the demolition as the final presentation. Often times handicapping us as we put more effort in defending the demolition rather than focusing on the final product.

We ask this of our potential partners as a defense mechanism. We must show them that we are strong, and they must be just as strong. The flaw is that we're faking our strength. And as the renovations, we focus on the wrong matter. Because all of our focus is on defense, what is in front of us is distorted. We are not in position to question what one brings to the table for our table is an illusion. The proper question is can you help me?

In many ways we as individuals are lost within ourselves. Some stuck in adolescence, Some teen, some young adult. Many not having the know how or ability to voice and articulate properly what caused us pain. As the being matures the wound calluses. We use a front of confidence, not to say we are not confident in other areas, but the weight of the wound holds a greater equity in our mind and soul. We do not wish to carry the callus but do not wish to touch it, for what's buried underneath frightens us for it will dismantle the identity we've created.

But this is not our true identity. As we know, and this is why we ask "What do you bring to the table?" Unconsciously, we want them to continue to feed our ego and not see our true soul. Because the right blow to our ego will destroy the fairytale we've created to defend us.

Triggers are acupuncture. These needles pierce the skin, into the nerves, to allow a release. Our triggers work the same way. They pierce the ego(callus), into the soul, to allow a release. So when the ego asks, "What do you bring to the table?" The soul is saying "Please help me." And as we continue to suppress the soul we estrange ourselves farther from our truths, deeper into a pit of agony. Agony being the frustrations we feel from stagnant minds, plateaus in our goals, and halts to our personal development.

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