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Who is Shelby Parris?

Simply put, phenomnificent. I like to say I'm a logical creative. I see life as art and personally found my talents in the verbal form. From my Change Your Subconscious And Accomplish beginning to my Write My Pains Away ending and other verbal art forms in-between; I'm just being a bridge of information. Read more about me here.

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About Shelby

Shelby Parris is an 8x author (6 physical/digital and 2 audio), speaker, self-publishing coach, and graphic designer. Along with publishing his own, Shelby has taught, co-authored, and worked with over 300 aspiring authors. Shelby created his iTrapBooks brand with a mission to "Change the narrative of trap". He uses this brand to show young men life is more than music and sports. Shelby's mission is to aid in breaking limiting inherited ideologies. Shelby's specialty is teaching the operation of the subconscious mind. He has spoken on over thirty panels and delivered numerous keynotes on subjects such as the operation of the subconscious mind, entrepreneurship, branding, men's mental health, and youth mental health. Shelby has been featured on outlets such as NBC, CBS, and FOX.
Shelby has studied psychology, sociology, and epigenetics for nearing one decade. In 2017 received the DII player of the week award and was one of twenty-six selected for the 2017 USA Select basketball team.

Home Testimony
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" far one of the BEST spiritual books I have read thus far. I love how Shelby used his personal experiences to demonstrate that we are all one and everything is connected. I love the different lyrics he referenced from great artist whom have already mastered creating their lives as they choose it to BE.  I love how he made me recognize how powerful our everyday words are. This book has definitely taken me to a higher level; and I have Shelby to thank for that. I love all the powerful positive affirmations. I AM so grateful for you. Grateful for this knowledge you provide. Grateful for you assisting me in evolving even more. Grateful for Overstanding! Sheesh! I love this book and will definitely be reading this again!"

-Shaina Marie

"This book is a must read for someone who is ready to unlock their higher self. Also, to learn to listen and speak into the universe for whatever their heart desires. By the end of this book you will definitely look at life events from a different perspective. Giving you the ability to OVERstand how the low of attraction works and how you can awaken your subconscious mind and accomplish anything. Thank you King!"

-Leontyne Edwards

Speaking Topics:

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Power of the Subconscious

  • Function of the subconscious

  • Developing self-awareness

  • Breaking inherited ideologies to create your desired life

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Athlete's PTSD

  • The world outside the lines

  • Prolong your career

  • Identifying applicable lessons from your sport

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Scaling vs Growth

  • Values of lessons in scaling

  • Dangers of growing to fast

  • Importance of creating systems

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