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What does "grown" and "adult" actually mean? Is it solely age? Is it what we possess? Is it character traits? How we handle situations?

I've been battling with this question lately. Is this a falsehood we've all accepted? Can we sustain our youthful joy? Is being grown inevitable? Are we a actually adults in the grand scheme of the world?

What if we're all children? Not because a trauma keeps us at this age? But at heart we seek the same we do as a child. Pure love. Companionship. Joyful experiences.

What if we're wrong for "growing up". It's not to "grow up" but grow old. What if it's us that causes disruption. This fib of what life is supposed to be vs how we should live.

Who told us the right way to live? Have we've been beaten so much by the world that grown just means to have physically survived? If that's the case, how do we preserve childhood? How can youth be continued?

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