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Quantum Leap

Right now I'm stepping into a power and state I've never been in before but gratefully see clearly where experiences are applicable.

Most important part of spiritual development is being able to identify and save the lessons in every experience and recognizing where/when they're applicable. In CYSA I speak on the universe working towards you after taking your first step (forward). “This is what it means to put your right foot in. “Take that first step towards your desire and all starts to revolve around your movement towards your desire.” What I also realize now is how long a phase could last. In WMPA I speak on life being long; and although many may feel life to be fast from passing time, a one-year phase to a conscious 60+ years is a long time of habiting.

The phrase divine timing makes me think, as humans do, what category my life falls under. Was I disrupting my timing because of fear? Was I being lazy? Was the cliche true? Was last year or so developing me for what's here? I can't help but have the initial reaction to categorize, gratefully the follow being "Guess we'll see now." And if this phase of the last few years was a period of development for the fulfillment of the prosperities I've always felt in my heart, then that was the greatest two years of my life and I appreciate it greatly.

I always credit basketball for teaching me how to see the world. Between the lines we call it court vision, spiritually, intuition, and psychologically, instinct. To have the sense of where to attack, when to be patient, and ultimately an awareness of self and what's happening around me; Right now, even timidly, I feel the push to move forward. A growth in confidence and a desire for change. As if what's behind me continues to disintegrate or blacken, and there is only forward. I recognized a while ago and wrote an article exposing most don't fear failure. We know how to handle failure therefore are comfortable with it. We're scared of success, because we've never experienced in either form success of what we desire.

I recently made the quantum leap. Feeling comfortable and assured enough to affirm the release of what is no longer needed, the true feeling of allowing myself to shed and move forward, allowing what it required to be. I've recently felt a greater closeness to success. That it's right on the other side of this building. Seeing a light illuminating in the direction even though not being able to see around the corner yet. I can't speak for others but for me it's stunning. Stunning, not paralyzing, because although timid, I continue to step forward. Again, applying experiences.

I look forward to what's conspiring. I submit and trust more to my purpose. For months I've walked timidly, refraining from steps forward. But now, I am grateful to feel pushed to step forward.

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