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Time 2

I was listening to a podcast today and they came across the topic of time. The context was a gentleman sharing his experience at his new job at Google and the interesting stories from his coworkers. He spoke on one gentleman who shared with him that there are 10, not three social classes, and that the riches we don't even realize.

He said that the gentleman worked as a prove concierge for the truly wealthy and that being such billionaires they don't see money, just time. He shares a story that was shared with him about being 5min late for private plane takeoff; and with being late he surely knew he as getting fired, but got a second chance taking the family bird to the jet to accompany the family on their year long vacation in Europe.

It made me think, "Is the perception of time a characteristic traits of the wealthy? Does someone who realizes the importance and value of time early posses a billionaire trait?"

I've always been punctual, big on being early. It always befuddled me when people didn't show a true valuation of time. As the one resource we can't get back, i always understood it.

Maybe most don't realize how small the window for opportunity truly is. It makes me think and ask, why is time not important?

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