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TikTok Killed Talent

Well how did that happen? Doesn't it allow for more recognition?

Yes, but what does that have to do with talent? Now I'll start by saying I'm not blaming all on the app. But since TikTok's storm there's been less originality and creativity. This era of trends creates more and more followers. Unlike the early 2000s where people prided themselves on finding the anomaly in music, tech, art, etc. Now the world goes from bandwagon to bandwagon copying what they see drawing attention.

Where at one point the mind said "How can I do something different and stir up more conversation in another lane?", the world says "I wanna do that too."

Many true and pure artist/creatives are left buried by the flooding remakes of trends. From voiceovers to dances to remixes of songs. Where has originality gone? And sadly it's not only not encouraged, but the advice given is "Do this" or "Do it like this", referencing someone who gained popularity.

Then the worst of it all, with so many remixes the originator gets buried. Now the rights to the likeness is given to the most popular to do the trend. Meaning the one with the most following. And who gets offered the deal when that happens?... WOW! Would you look at that; the rich get richer (socially) again.

The world continues to be Stripped of innovation and creativity. "Simplicity" although beautiful, kills the spark. Where we once had beautifully designed benches, architectures, poles, buildings, are now but smoothened rails, walls, and straight poles. Are once beautifully designed Italian, Roman, African, and Greek designs are but a thing of the past.

I wonder when the day will come again that the value is put on originality. I wonder if the day should ever come again?

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