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"They should start their own league"

I saw a post by JustinBlu and a comment by someone that really stood out to me and figured I'd comment on the whole "They should start their own league"

They literally can't...

The bigger picture missed is who and where would money come from. First, let's start with most people don't even know the ABA exist and these below are many reasons why:

So someone goes and attempts to create a league and right away there's competition of big bank vs little bank and who's in bed with who (Ice Cube's struggle right now). We don't have real multi-billionaires as in $10b+.

Next people go right to the players. There's a GM, president, basketball ops. team, marketing, financial advisors, trainers, equipment managers, coaches and all in-between down to ball and towel boys and not to mention cost to rent arenas and hire staff from concessions and security inside to parking duties outside and please don't forget the state-of-the-art equipment to get your body to perform at these levels night-in and night-out, and insurances that all have to get paid and bought.

Uniforms are made by trillionaire companies in long-term deals with the NBA I.e. Nike, along with others such as Wilson (Basketball) and Gatorade (towels, drinks, and more). We also negate that the NBA itself sets individuals up to have endorsement money from their direct partners. You'll try to get ad dollars and network TV money from who? People who may own teams in the NBA and if not them, their friend(s) own the team. So a Coinbase may promote on a team's court/jersey or a may put their name on an arena because they're golf buddies with someone of the organization (Relationships). You're asking people to go knock on the door of people who sure, they may have a repour, but like anyone else, I'll do this deal with this person with more money and I have a longer relationship with than you person trying to build something from the ground. And another unfortunate, it only takes 1 call to shut shit down across a network, I.e. Ky and Mamoud Abdul-Rauf.

The next part we miss is the NBA is actually a pretty fair business. Not to say there isn't problems that go on (racict owners and fans), by fair I mean a players union and willingness to accommodate the players request. If you don't know anything about it I highly suggest looking into the agreement that ended in 2011 leading to the lockout year and also look into the 2017 agreement. Players are receiving someone of the best health benefits, meal plans, insurances, and more that employees could only dream of at a normal 9-5. Then of course the perks of travel on private planes, free stays, free meals, and so much more. Hell as bad as it is to say, go look at the WNBA. An NBA organization who's players make less than some 9-5ers. How do you expect men who are treated like royalty to accept living as if they play for the worst AAU team.

Next we the black demographic barely would invest into a possible 10-20yr business plan to just even get started nor are we the majority that buy tickets. So now do you charge $2k a ticket to make up for it or an "affordable price" and risk losing the league after 20yrs of organizing and 1 year going. Business wise it doesn't make sense when I'm shown there is no backend to make money.

Another comment I saw was that they have the financial backing, consulting, and business minds at their disposal. They don't. We're talking a few billionaires, Diddy, JAY-Z, Kanye, Rihanna, Tyler Perry, Michael Jordan who has his brand deeply imprinted in the NBA, and Oprah to name a few of our more notorious names. How many of them have a liquid and disposable billion as some NBA team owners do? Same point with the multi-millionaires we have. We forget this is NetWorth. Now us ignorant selfish people with barely a few thousands if that to our name are telling people to sell their assets so we can make this league to not go watch consistently. And let's say we have the money, well now who has enough and all the knowledge to handle this billion-dollar Internation business that lawyer David Stern spent 30yrs cultivating.

No, another league cannot be started because we feel like players should leave. The best that could be done is working more directly with players to create relationships and allow them to know they're backed.

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