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Therapeutic is Not Therapy

Therapeutic is not Therapy. To verbalize and be taken deeper into yourself. To at least hear but see who you are and what you harbor is the most powerful tool for development.

Therapeutic is often used ignorantly then as an excuse. Those who've never been speak of something being therapeutic where yes, soothing, but not attempting to find the root of the issue. In other instances people apply satisficing. They've heard of others speaking of a soothing feeling and accept the Band-Aid of therapeutic as an end all be all.

Therapy is the action of being with someone versed in mental health that assist in development. One must remember the positions they're in is based on their know hows and not knowns. For if they had the definite answer its assumed they would apply and not necessarily need a therapeutic remedy. The desired practices would be used consistently enough preempting a need for.

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