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Sustaining Your Blessings

A great blessing yet challenge is sustaining what we manifest. We've committed time and energy on achieving the desire but never to sustain it. Unfortunately giving us a smack in the face and where some attack the obstacle, others may scurry to relapse only finding themselves running backwards only to a wall. We should first cheer and celebrate that we attained such blessings then immediately after seek the ways to sustain.

From trauma we've worked tirelessly on being in a state to be rewarded. For the many that receive they're faced with the greater challenge of learning what it takes to uphold this blessing. Not that it'll slip away or die off, but because much of our effort was done practically thinking it was unattainable. We're now faced with the challenges of the blessing itself. And these challenges shine direct to the spots most required to overcome, which are those most unhealed with.

The irony of the blessing exposing to us how much more we must develop. As one prayed for a partner that is available emotionally, intentional, hard-working, communicative, and expressive in the respected form the individual must now develop themself to match the blessing. In this new world they quickly recognize their habits that are not only no longer applicable but not tolerated. That responsibility is greater.

The beauty of this state is the answers are presented. It is an open book exam. The difficulty is this is not an exam where you can guess the multiple choice on the paper but one which you must show your comprehension. Your actions serve as the answers and although lenient, there are only pass or fail for lack of better words, from moment to moment.

The best solution is to be studious. To continue to ask questions from our fears. In this state fear is only met with love. Questions posed from purest of ignorance are met with answers to encourage. Realizing we only fear what we don't know this state consistently exposes us to support for us continue to step forward and develop. We soon come to a state where we've shed the traumas and now receive fully our blessing.

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