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Speak Forward (Sustain Your Blessings Pt. 2)

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

We have to learn to speak forward. As our natural responses may be from indoctrinate of traumas we have to continue to speak to the light in front of us. And even when not seeing but a speckle realizing and believing light is there.

I watched this interview of Joe Budden with Colin O'Brady and he talked on when he got dropped off at the coast of Antarctica just hours in he was losing hope. When he felt fear he called his wife at different and was met fully with love and encouragement. As he pulled his sled through the blistering snow he speaks on reaching a point where he saw this metaphorical light. That the obstacle went from physical to mental to spiritual to obsolete. In the physical phase he speaks of a moment of going outside his tent and screaming affirmations to himself and planning a different approach. After overcoming the physical it became a mental battle as he fought hallucinations. He then had tapped into a place where the spirit had taken over and the obstacles became obsolete. He spoke forward to what he was accomplishing.

We must feed ourselves mentally and spiritually. This brings us to a place where the unconscious if filled with success rather than fear. Consciously or unconsciously we'll look up and see how far we've came when we just put our head down and go. And in that moment we'll be able to be proud of embrace what we've accomplished.

It's all a practice. Unfortunately, many rely on our habits and fail to recognize new skills are required to move forward. Those who realize new skills must be acquired now have to learn what skills and how to develop them. Again, growth is external. This is why we seek books, trainers, coaches, videos or anything that may have more information because we realize our innate.

We need more exposure to opportunities to practice. To practice saying "No", practice reading, practice spelling, practice affirming, practice the new habits we're looking to create. Again, the cycle goes rhythm (3), routine (7), habit (21), lifestyle (90). We cannot advance more than our belief. These practices prepare us so even when faced with an obstacle never experienced, we've developed tools that will get us through it.

In the early stage of the interview Conor responded to a question on his preparation that how much training he did couldn't prepare for the exact terrain he would deal with and just had to apply what he knew. He later shared at one point his wife told him the distance and pace required to finish within the time finishing with she didn't have anything else to give him. The rest is on him.

With nothing else to lose and all left to give he pushed his way the final 77 miles, about 40 hours straight through. As we speak forward we leave the control of the past behind. We bring ourselves to states proving not only is our greatest obstacles achievable but that so is the next one and so on.

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