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Saying "Yes" to Suicide

We've all done it. Everyday. We said yes to suicide. Oh you think you haven't? Did you eat that burger or did you have a beautiful diverse salad? Did you eat the donut or did you enjoy the delicious fruit? Did you go to work knowing you were tired or did you quit your job?

You've most likely heard the phrase "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Yea but NO. We forget that healing takes time. With every hit we take to our spirit the longer the recovery.

Our spirit is the hmmm, I don't want to say weakest of the trinity, but our purest. Desiring nothing more than love and happiness. What do we give it? The energy of people we don't really care for, responsibilities we don't want, food that make us feel horrible. So when do we get to the stronger?

When will you stop committing suicide? I wish I had an answer to validate the habits you want to continue but I don't. And who am I to give an answer? I'm human just like you. I don't like life either by decisions I make daily. When's the last time you checked your bank statement? Not your physical one. Your spiritual one that hold your emotional currency. Checking account looking low huh? Spending faster than you meant to huh? Did you at least invest into your savings with some great deeds to transfer over from? Maybe some spiritual crypto would help.

The best habit we can create is asking ourselves the extreme question of "Do I want to live or die"? What if you knew the age you were supposed to die? And were told the date is flexible. Would you look to extend the time you have to spend with your friends, kids, family and other personal joys of this world? We ALL know what and how something affects us. We DON'T always accept it. Or maybe we do, but then make our decision. And say "Yes" to suicide. Making withdraw after withdraw from our time account.

So now I ask you... What ways do you want to die today? buy soda? buy food? Pun intended. Who are you donating your energy to today? You know it's bad when you feel like you're a check to others. That my fine reader, is called neglection. Our most common form of suicide. Saying yes to others and no to ourselves.

We all have choices.

What form of suicide do you want to commit today?

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