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I'm using this as a test but I figured "Let me just keep typing and make a blog out of this." I've never written a blog before. I don't even know if people still do blogs. With such short attention spans it seems like people only want videos. I actually forgot how typing really feels. To type freely and allow the fingers to just spell out the words and sentences without even thinking.

I'm actually chilling right now. Processing everything from my tarot and reiki session yesterday. Not really in the mood to talk or have human company. I got my prosperity candle and abundant sage next to me while updating the website, testing new features, and going through my Kanye playlist. I actually feel pretty peaceful right now. Hungry, but working through the hunger. I held my dog's collar today and reminisced a little bit. This is one of those days I would've been in the crib and he would've been chilling next to me.

Soon I'll have everything up and running beautifully for me and be doing this same thing with my new dog. Look! my hair's even all the way there in this too. Pic's probably about 8 years old. Alright, I've said enough. shoutout to whomever reads this.

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