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Quotes to live by from @leafyoga

I was on the phone with my mentor and here's a few bars he said that I felt like should be shared. IG: Khalief Khadafi.Philly✈️Merida (@leafyoga) • Instagram photos and videos

"Any project you do gotta get you through a couple months"

"You shouldn't do nothing thats not gonna pay a monthly bill as an entrepreneur"

"Nothing I wanna do for $25. Nothing can be burdensome if it takes my physical actions."

"No matter how much money I'm making won't make me satisfied if it's not something I wanna do."

"You making the top's gonna inspire somebody by your actions."

"All of our creativity matters."

"You impact the world. You might be small in the universe but you're a creative."

"If its laziness its not progression."

"The only way to pay your bills is to sell what you put out"

"You gotta go out knowing you're the creator. Just gotta accept that. Can't be scared of that. No way you believe you're the creator then think that's not gonna work."

"Can't have a job living in your purpose. Your job is making you mad. Its real hard cuz you doing something else."

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