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Pour Into Perception

A random thought I had a few minutes ago is that I'd like to know how all my friends would like to be perceived. I started doing this years ago, but that's just picking up what they tell me they'd like to do. If you ask me, this is amongst the highest respect you can pay someone.

One of my favorite videos is the one of the gentlemen saying that we must treat people better than what they are so that they can conceive higher. Imagine how much the ones we love would achieve pouring into the pot they desire to be poured into.

With desiring success for others it's important for us to play the role needed of us. Perfect example, When Lock and I talk or if ever asked about his profession I always reference him as a trader. I'm even starting to see him in a more financial literary light than that of a trader seeing how much he pays attention to the economy now. Ty is another one; knowing she doesn't want to be held as Coach Ty anymore, the basis of our conversations are about trading. How these principles we know from basketball translates into the game of trading.

We all have a support system but does our support system really know how to support us? Are we being transparent enough for them to know how they can help? This starts with an identity of our own. "Who AM I?" we must ask ourselves. "What do I desire to BE?" I then wonder just how much that can trickle down to another, especially an overflow of it. Imagine a susu of love.

I challenge and encourage you, ask your friends how they would like to be perceived, then begin to pour into them as such.

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