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Needing People to BE, Not Do

To truly recognize the value someone has for us is one of the most difficult task. We have people in our lives that are great help to us not by provisions but by BEing. Eventually we realize it's not the tangibles someone can do for us but how we feel leaving them. I often emphasize to not "lead" with emotion. As in make decisions and do solely from the feeling which is thought of something. Our intuition knows best. Although clouded by our exposures there are times when it speaks loudly.

We hear our intuition in response to others from a simple scale of peace. Does this person bring me to a peace? I recognized as I get older and we mature greater in our own directions, ones I grew up with create unsettlement for me. This is family and once close friends; but what does that have to do with spirit? Spirit yearns for the connections that settle in peace. At peace we further into inspiration and creativity.

I noticed the difference I have from a conversation with Ty and Kenia and the inspiration I have to grow with- versus others I feel a desire to grow away. We shouldn't fight the feeling of those who give us unsettlement and those who bring us peace but respect them. The beauty of those in our lives who do so are never doing so consciously. They are simply BEing and in their BEing we feel peace.

I still question if this is something to expose to the ones who assist in their BEing. Does the exposure bring pressure and unwarranted responsibility to those who bring us peace? Would what one sees as praise become a burden? If a person is still able to BE without inadvertently making an effort that becomes disruptive? If so it should never be spoken on. But if one can give praise and it be received as positive reinforcement and met with consistency then it is the proper action to take.

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