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My Freedom Is an Asset To Others

The most ironic thing in the world to me right now is how my freedom seems to be a greater asset to others than myself.

The years and work I put in to be able to have the schedule I choose and enjoy my day as I'd like seems to be filled with unexpected responsibilities of taking this person here, that one there, this one to that place and so on. Like none of my work was for me, but for others to gain from.

Boy! Did I not see this coming. I thought having full control of my time, or at least all that I give to my business meant freedom. I had no idea it came with being the first call for a ride to Dr. Appointments, the train, airport, church and fucking Pluto.

The universe is like that job that rewards you more work for being such a great employee. The better position I'm in the more I seem to do for others.

It's a blessing and a curse to be relied upon as much and as often as I am. It makes me think if I can even leave, as in move to another state, or do I have to be around. If I go- who would be there to take my little sister lunch because she forgot it in the fridge? Who would take my mom to the airport at 4:30am? Who would take my older sister to have her wisdom teeth removed and bring her home? Who would answer a call from a random number for it be my oldest sister asking for a jump? Who would send my bestfriend $150 then take her to buy baby stuff for her newborn due the next week? Who would watch a 2yr old because she can't go to school because of her fever?

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