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Meditation. 1/30/2022 at 8:30am

"This is transcript of my rising meditation on 1/30/2021 at 8:30am

To start I AM grateful to coming to the end of this phase and ready to move into my next one.

I AM grateful for the family, friends, ancestors, angels, acquaintances, and strangers that supported me, protected me, guided me, assisted me through the obstacles of these last few months.

I Am grateful for the lessons, growth, and development gained from this experience.

I AM grateful and affirm guidance, protection, health, prosperity as they leave my life.

I AM grateful for I allowed myself to feel, acknowledge, and grow from that which I felt.

I AM grateful for the space to grow and for the new people I meet that are aligned with my desire. Grateful for the resources, support, and assets they are.

I AM grateful to release and clear blockages, weights, burdens, fears, doubts, pain, frustrations, animosity, and resentment.

My root chakra; I AM grounded. I AM of the ONEness, I AM in synchronicity with the universe and alignment with my desires.

To my sacral for I allow the flow of joy I AM happiness I AM creative.

To my solar plexus for I AM powerful, confident, charismatic, protected and guided.

To my heart chakra for I vibrate on the highest frequency of love. I no longer attract what needs healing, only the love that is at my frequency and greater.

Through my throat chakra I AM articulate and express myself openly.

My third eye is open and clairvoyant. I submit to my higher-self for I AM intuitive and guided and trusting that which is for me.

To my crown chakra I AM open to the downloads of new information that allows me to fulfill my greatest desires.

I AM powerful, I AM genuine, I AM caring, I AM honest, I AM respectful, I AM responsible, I AM a creator, I AM God, using my god abilities to create, I AM a master manifester manifesting consciously and unconsciously my truest desires. I AM successful, I AM greatness, I AM a teacher who continues to spread knowledge, I AM a follower and a student open and receptive to all the information that is for me to grow. I AM pronoia, I AM an alchemist. I AM divine, I AM prophecy.

Every day in Every way my wealth is increasing. I AM deserving of prosperity and accept prosperity. I see and construct prosperity easily and effortlessly. I AM open, receptive, and grateful for prosperity. I have an abundance to share and abundance to spare.

That which I seek is seeking me. I don't focus on how it will come; I focus on my heart's desire. My higher-self knows what to do to make it happen. I relax and let go. All that's required for the fulfillment of my heart's desire is lovingly and harmoniously drawn to me. And I accept this or something greater. I AM ready receptive and grateful and so it is.


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