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Love is Limitless (3D vs 4D of Love)

I always said that the souls connect before the bodies. And the conversations on the surface are only but the peak of the glacier of the conversations between the soul. And this makes me wonder, when the two connect in the physical what is the governing force?

It seems when it comes to love (eros) the 3D is the supreme of the connection. What I mean is that the universal laws no longer take effect. To give context, I spoke on this in A Man Amongst Girls: You can't manifest love. You can manifest a person into your life, but eventually they are released from that hypnotic state and will choose if they want to continue the direction the connection was going or stop. Unfortunately, many choose to stop disregarding that again, from AMOG, maybe this is happening because I (the individual(s)) am ready for it. That the work has been put in, declarations have been stated and answered, and the two were drawn for the right reasons.

When it comes to love it seems we forget that the universe does not play to the laws of man. And it only responds to what we declare. What we declare is the frequency we begin to vibrate at. The universe has no limitation and sees no boundaries. This reminds me of chapter VII of The Game of Life and How to Play it by Florence Scovel Shinn. In this chapter she discusses love. She shares a story of a woman who constantly affirmed she didn't care about her relationship and soon found herself single. She then realized her impact and begin to resent him before being told to affirm for prosperity for the gentleman if she wanted love herself. Fast forward, they crossed paths again and he then proposed.

When a spiritual being meets one that operates from the laws of 3D I wonder if it's a divine protection or a personal choice that may keep the two separated. As the spiritual being trust it's higher-self he/she recognizes signs and reasons that the two were brought together. They recognize that even under abstract circumstances all is happening intentionally and as consequences of previous choices. Some choices on the personal level were made out of fear; but the higher-self continues to guide them to what is for them. This fear leads to a moral decision fulfilling the ego by saying "No" rather than accepting what the soul desires, a "Yes" to a new direction as the 3D being has been unsatisfied in his/her current status (single or eloped) and desires better for themself.

Morally on the 3D plane it is wrong to leave one for another. Where I challenge this is with the questions: "Were you prepared for the relationship you got into? Did you choose this for the right reason? Did you build more on yourself single or in a relationship?"

If "Yes" is given to the first two, and the individual is no longer satisfied in their relationship then they should look at what they've affirmed during that time of unsatisfaction and if they meant it, to let go of their current state and move on and if not to affirm consciously a different relationship. If "No" was answered to the first two then the individual should be happy the universe has fulfilled their request and brought them their next. We now focus on the last question. If an individual built more on themself single, and was prepared mentally and spiritually for a relationship, and found themselves not fulfilled, they have the right to leave for the better presented. If an individual found themself in a relationship which they learned more of themself mentally and spiritually, they have the right to leave for the better presented for now knowing what they desire. It is a matter of consciousness and choosing "Self" first, which is flowing with the conscious or unconscious desires fulfilled by the higher-self and not making the moral choice generated by fear and satisfies the ego. This is purgatory.

Reference a job. An individual knows they desire to work and what they desire from the job. When an individual does their job so well, they realize their value is greater than what is given by the current company. They continue to show up and complete their duties daily with the desire of change. This change may be within the company or may be fulfilled elsewhere. When the job no longer satisfies, the individual fantasizes for better. Soon they are answered with a job of same or similar work with greater benefits and is more fulfilling.

I also reference the transfer of a young athlete. When he/she has outgrown or grown away from their current situation they look to a school of bigger recognition to further their playing on path to their ultimate goal, the professional level. This is similar to love. When the individual has outgrown their relationship, they look to transfer their talents to a better suited relationship. Note that both examples are based on the 3D individual being conscious of their desire and in a state of health to have better.

I conclude with challenging the 3D individual if they find themself in an obligated relationship. A relationship in which they are not completing their duties out of happiness but sheer commitment to role. They may find that they were in a trauma bond and all is done from a state of repayment and not contribution. These now become chores and no longer desires. Tasks begin to be done out of resentment to the relationship.

The universe (mother) is but a secretary who desires to fulfill your every request. It takes all literal. Words must be spoken consciously for each word creates a spell and puts into action the fulfillment of the desired statements. Love is limitless and has no boundaries. Love of "Self" is most important. Many beings negate the spiritual laws when it comes to love in the 3D. Trust the universe is working to the fulfillment of each's desires. Release the ego and flow in the direction of love, have faith in the greater picture of what is presented to grounded feet and open eye. When operating from the 4D+ the universe(love) is in perfect timing whether the 3D realizes or not. We have choices. These choices lead to the consequences of our future. We are all deserving of love and happiness regardless of our current state. As man thinketh desires will be manifested.

Remember: the souls connect in the infinite greater than the physical can see.

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