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I'm At an Age Where I Can... But Don't Have To

I'm at a age where I can... but don't have to.

An age where I can work hard or not.

I can commit or not.

I can sacrafise or not.

Such a to do or not to do state.

And it's cool. Interesting for sure.

An age where my next can be my last.

Marriage is an option but not a necessity.

Where the most important what I desire.

And yea it may bring pain to some.

And to others joy.

And too many confusion.

But the beauty is I don't have to care about how others feel.

That I can be the first, only, and priority;

Or I can delegate my time and energy to as many as I please,

Because I find more happiness in that.

To be free of unwarranted responsibilities.

To be open to endless possibility.

To go in any direction I desire.

To be in complete control of where my life is to go.

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