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How Do You Sell a Mind? 22:54 Vent

How do you sell a mind? This is the biggest question I have of life right now. Talent has a plateau, hard work has a plateau, but the mind is infinite. How do you get someone to invest into a mind. To respect and appreciate the talent and work ethic, but to invest into the potential of the mind?

So many are talented. Many have a vision, but few truly have an ideology. Ideas are plenty, but ideologies few. How often do we come across those of great ideas with little work put behind it? Why do we not emphasis and encourage the work of the talented? Maybe if doing so we'll see many are not as invested into their craft as we'd like to believe.

I ask why we don't appreciate the failures of a man. The man who's failed thousands of times over and continues to get up and give full effort. Do you respect more the man that's failed thousands of times or the one who's succeeded from pure talent? It's makes me wonder when and what is the reward.

Is the man who's failed thousands times over rewarded greater in the long run? Is truly a matter of toughest battles being given to the toughest soldiers, and does that mean a greater reward?

I can only but keep faith that my mind is recognized as my greatest talent and that my mind is the generator of my work ethic. Oh what will be done once invested into properly.

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