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I woke up in such grace and honor to witness the successes of those around me. To not only experience the maturing and prospering of relationships, but to witness the accomplishments of those I'm around. All week has been filled with such beauties. I watched Kenia make more sales than we have in the past, Sascha's responses from delivering an amazing speech, Kount back to creating music after the passing of his mother, Fari flying from North Carolina to New York to have a listening party for his first official mixtape, the most time spent with my little sister this week in years, the networking, updates of Dalvin and the success in the early stages of fatherhood, implementation of ideas by Lock, multiple birthdays of friends I've celebrated, Ty making advancements with her nonprofit, Breonica entering the final phases of her first book, and having a clearer direction on where I'd like to take my life. To witness these accomplishments is an honor. Although I say minor, some say major role in what they're accomplishing and I'm just grateful for front row seats on the sideline. And my favorite part of it all, being asked to have pictures taken with me at the event and told to stand next to Fari to have pictures of us together. An honor to be spotlighted in his story.

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