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Follow Your Calling

Before I moved to Ghana I saw a vision of myself standing with never ending line of thousands upon thousands of children in front of me. I put my hands on their head and knew their purpose and calling.

I came here as a midwife so I was confused by what saw. I don't particularly enjoy working with kids, believe it or not, but I have a gift of magnetism. Kids love me somehow.

When I was asked to lead a school here in 2013 I

said "No". No and no and no. I was fine teaching science, art, dance, drama, anything but they insisted I lead.

It was through that opportunity that my first batch of the "Thousands upon thousands" were in front of me and in my hands. The students who graduated that year are adults now fulfilling their purpose.

I say all that to say when you receive a vision, don't talk, just observe, don't conclude, don't calculate, just observe.

When I was 12 a prophet told me he saw me in the wilderness in a hot jungle with a red cross bag on my back. And everywhere I stepped became illuminated and thousands followed me.

I laughed y'all. That was before med school, before Ghana, before any of what I'm living now. I said "Hell no". I hate heat I'm not a nurse, and don't want to be one, and I don't like that kind of attention.

And then I got a degree in kinesiology as a fall back from being a dancer... I fell in love with medicine.

As I sit and think back, so many steps have been clearly orchestrated, so many divine appointments, so many many experiences to shape me into the woman I am.

People still ask me why I don't prophecy mainstream to kids and youth if I know that's part of my calling. It's the following I'm running from.

We all had components of our destiny that terrify us. DO IT ANYWAY! We all have doubts and disbeliefs about who we are, our impact, and our purpose. DO IT ANWYAY!

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