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Eureka! Google!

One of the greatest nuisances of a business is when you realize something that makes perfect sense, you've been completely missing!

As I've been laying more foundation for my business I setup my Google business profile and it feels like "Duh! Why haven't I been doing this the whole time?" When I first started my site a Google business profile never crossed my mind. As I've been renovating my website I came across Google ads which required making a profile and it hit me! Why was I not building my business on the largest search engine!?

Early my focus was driving not "as much" but ALL traffic to my website. When I first published my site I reached out to a bunch of people and asked them to leave a review on anything I helped with. Once I started my book publishing class I setup another review box on that tab for new new comers to see read about the class.

I recently been pitching celebrities looking to land another ghost-writing gig and in attempt to preempt the questioning of my outdated reviews I've been saying "Class reviews are outdated due to working on a project with a startup tech company but am back active now" and I hate how that sounds. Then it hits me! "I could use screenshots from the Amazon or Google reviews... better yet, I can use a QR code on my books to leave Amazon reviews, and direct those who've came through the class to Google reviews!" Instead of having the gratefully yet long list of reviews on site to be scrolled through, they can leave them on Google!

A Google business profile is a perfect way to cover ground. People have easy access to my website, books an Amazon, it runs up the SEOs to your target audience, and best of all, as your reviews and Google traffic grows the more spotlighted Google places you. With little to no marketing I could be drawing people in from all over the world as they search keywords that match my business and now are reading 300 reviews from 300 former customers working 24/7 to promote good words about the business.

The success of a business is built on trust from their consumers to deliver. Word of mouth and personal reviews continue to be king in marketing. What better way to gain the trust of those I don't know by praises from those they don't know 😂! The irony of business.

As a small business every bit of healthy recognition is needed. With Google reviews I can continue to deliver quality work and that can be spread by those who've expericed for themselves. And those reviews are a gateway to millions who are seeking allowing me to no longer be hidden. Now I ask! Please leave a review below about the class, books, blogs, graphic design work, consultations, and any help I've been able to provide:

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