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Create Separation

I woke up today and was identifying another aspect I'm grateful to have developed again, thanks to basketball. The ability to separate the person from the player. In other forms this is separating the artist from the art, the individual from the broadcaster, the personal from business and so on.

Having a true overstanding of separation is important because it allows to see the bigger picture and operate accordingly. This allows for an individual to receive the lesson and allow the natural flow of emotions. Often times the message and/or lesson is missed because of subjectivity. We continue to hold onto the image we desire and attempt to force that image on others. Then when it fails, begin to question the other when we've failed to separate. Many times this can create animosity towards or just the inability to see the person in their still beauty. The thought of them itself could bring pain. Never negate this for we are human. It's ok to feel, ok to express dissatisfaction, but you must be able to compartmentalize.

Connections can still be current even if few strings are not. This person can still benefit in area A, even if not to area B if parties can agree. Valuations change. We desire more and less from our experiences based on proximity. Distance allows for detachment as closeness allows for connections. One day you realize it's not about the material, but the intimate relationships created. That even with an artist's personal tribulations, triumphs still show in their art. That the nicest of an athlete can be the most aggressive on the field. The most playful of a person can be the most serious on their project. Remembering that as humans we experience differently.

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