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Yesterday I had a difficult conversation with my girlfriend with the bases on my end being time. Now as much as I would love to share all the details with you, all of how it went and both having different feelings about the conversation, I'm solely going to speak on time.

As many of us have, we knew a difficult conversation was coming and what did we do? Of course NOT have it right away. We prolonged the fuck out of it. But the question is, what did we do in the mean time? Well! Guess who got to have the to-be-or-not-to-be conversation yesterday!

I spent all day, weeks really, mentally preparing knowing this conversation was to come. To which got to my main point, time. Her asking me for more and more of time when my time is already spread thin. That much of my time and emotional currency (which EC will be its own post) is given outside of me. That I "take" my time when I able because much of it is given away.

There was more to it... about 3hrs worth... but I'll stop there. She told me she didn't realize the importance of and how structured I was with my time... which led me to sharing this. Many don't utilize or value their time consciously to realize how fickle time is. How important time is.

Again, coming from basketball you learn every action you take in each split second is the difference between winning. Just taking that second to think, the ability or inability to react properly in that split second will win or lose you the game.

We're all in this same game of life, with different timers on our clocks. And yea, there are many things we don't know is coming, but the truth is... we pretty much know the possible consequences from our actions. And if we don't, I promise it's being shown to you; you just have to back up and see the bigger picture.

Which brings me to my wrap up. How important is time to you? How much of your time is given away?

Ah Ha! Now that you've read this it made you think if how you delegate your time. Ah Ha! You're no longer excused for carelessly using your time.

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