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Something interesting to me is the phrase 100% in music. It's referred to some does it all for a song. Produce the beat, write, provide the vocals, engineer it, mix and master the song. And it makes me think of people like Nip and more modern line a Clint Capella and the praise they receive for doing it all, then someone like Cole who's been criticized for producing and rapping so much of his own music.

It makes me wonder why we don't give more praise to the work and effort put into something. Selfishness is the only answer I get. That those receiving just want to hear what they believe to be best. I truly appreciate the process. I give more reverence to the effort and work someone put into making something happen than the final result itself.

I've said plenty of times I don't feel I get the proper just-due; relating to this specifically. The ability and have written songs, books, guides, courses, the artwork, the editing, the videos, the marketing schemes etc of every project I've done but unfortunately stuff like that doesn't get the proper appreciation. Knowing of someone's process makes me appreciate their final product 10x more.

I can't even imagine the writers, producers, and directors of our favorite show series. To work tirelessly for years to get a pilot, a budget, someone to listen to the concept, the time it takes to get approval, fight it takes to keep it your vision, casting, and directing; put out a series the world loves, gets watched in hours to days, then a next is demanded from the viewership immediately. Or the other end of something the world hates but still took so much effort.

Art is such a difficult space to be in. Your intention isn't greater than the perception. What is supposed to be a free form of expression with little rules but more structures, is so regulated then open to the subjective criticisms of those who've never done. That sounds crazy! A plumber telling a technician what they're doing wrong with the wiring. What a world we live in.

I yearn for a day where we appreciate the efforts and give grace to the final project if not able to see it in the light of its intended form. I'm happy of so many looking to out out docks, which as someone who's done a mini docuseries-vlog, I wouldn't be surprised if away from the business it's people yearning for empathy from the world.

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