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3:33 Vent

This isn't going to be long, and fun insider, I wrote this last night at 3:33am but accidentally exited out.

I only slept 2hrs last night. My mind was racing all night, really kicked up the last few weeks, and in a good way. I haven't felt like this since basketball. Typically I go to sleep with meditation music because it quiets my mind. I struggle to sleep in silence because silence for me is filled with very very loud thoughts. This morning shorty told me I'm going to have a breakdown if I keep doing this. And I always tell people, in diluted words, you don't know what you're talking about to and with me.

Many have never experienced and don't know the feeling to be in a flow is such a beautiful feeling. To be led by passion. That this is not my body fighting sleep, but my imagination keeping me awake. Being led by desire and inspired by passion.

Many don't know what passion looks like and even to what levels. That Insanity is a necessity for success. Especially in fields of creativity.

I don't think I'll really sleep good until this project is over. Happily though! In this beautiful state of creativity and work I've been greatly filled with just as I see and work on the many ideas and visions that I see. Such vivid visuals of my desires. Last night I seen myself perform at multiple stages, go through all my songs and others. I even got up at one point and started working again!

I truly love this state and affirm all to experience such a passion that they can't not work on it.

P.s. I have more to say on the psyche, patterns, physical vs mental vs spiritual energy levels but I'll save those.

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