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22:30 Vent

I have to admit to mycellf:

Lately it hasn't felt like me working towards progress but me running away from something.

Feeling like I have to catch up, compensate, fit an image and fulfill an expectation of me by me.

I AM releasing the pressure and weight I put on mycellf as a way to move the weight I feel on mycellf.

I know I need rest but I feel like I lost so much in my previous months that I have to bring myself back to a certain point and go forward.

I've been making a conscious effort to not hold grudges, forgive, to not seem toxic, to not fight against the possible falsehoods that I continue to fill my head with.

It always in my mind how I will be perceived from making the decision for me. Many that have been part of my life to this point do not get or respect the path or each of us as unique indidivuals.

I'm in an abstract situation and making a conscious effort to continue to put me first. With putting me first I feel it may also require continuously giving to who I no longer want to give to.

My thought behind this is I can keep a peaceful environment even if it hurts my internal peace.

I no longer want to be in a consciously defense state of blocking external vibes. I desire to be free to fulfill cellf.

No limitations. No more sacrifices from the consequences of my actions. Actions that I choose not to regret; but am upset in the results of.

I only affirm success, protection, guidance, love, prosperity, security and stability for those around me in an effort to be released from the spiritual anchor I feel tied to.

I no longer want to feel the need to vent or escape. I want to rest in the true comforts knowing that all is a good place that I may truly rest.

I no longer want to share my space nor vibe with a frequency that makes me feel lower.

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