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10:46 Vent

My problem is as soon as I step down from the pedestals I'm placed on people criticize heavily. Not critique, just criticize. And with critique, it cannot be a general form, but adjusted to the individual.

Even with performing greater and doing more than many others, if I'm seen as incompetent in the smallest form, all else is negated. This triggers even deeper because of the work put into myself along with the satisfaction of others. And by satisfaction of others I mean developing based on their general criticisms.

When time comes of me releasing, failing, struggling, I often receive "Well you carry yourself like nothing affects you." Which my counter thought is, shouldn't we all? Why would one not? Especially when in that state. Another is "Well you seem so confident." Which in the state of confidence I am.

In these moments I'm treated as inhuman. As we all develop at different rates, where others are encouraged and granted leniency I've been and am penalized ironically for having a greater stamina, knowledge, ability.

Those who are not do not know those truly conscious, conscious in reference to mental, physical, spiritual, emotional effects and at greater depths such as as 5D, possess a greater sensitivity to the world. I too require a varying time and space to handle a negative occurrence. Unfortunately, not receiving the respect to my recovery and/or growth.

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