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Self-Publishing (E-Book)

The information in this book (71 pages) is taken as closely worded from the self-publishing class to give easier access to those looking to self-publish their first book and market it efficiently. The book covers writing statistics, creating a writing schedule, getting past writers block, top self-publishing companies, budgeting, rough drafting, marketing through social media, structuring and formatting, cover schemes, branding, and much more. (Read full topics covered by clicking the book)Topics Discussed:


Topics Discussed:

• Self-pub. statistics/analytics

• Getting past "writer's block"
• Why Self-pub. > Major publisher
• Structuring and Formatting
• Establishing your brand
• ISBN, Copyright, and LLC setups

• Creating a writing schedule
• Identifying your writing style

• Walkthrough of KDP

• Rough drafting process

• Finalizing your manuscript 
• Editing process
• Key cover points
• Identifying your target audience
• Utilizing E.I.
• Social media marketing/branding
• Marketing vs Selling
• Instagram algorithm
• Creating organic page growth
• Curating high engaging post
• Pitching your book
• Paying for ads

• Publishing with less than $500

Self-Publishing (E-Book)

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