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Rage Against the Machine

I fucking hate it! The machine.

I was having the conversation with Lock a few minutes ago and as I hate that he's always right, not hate that he's right, but hate what he's right about, because I again as always find myself fighting the machine. That talent and hard work isn't sexy, so people don't invest their energy into it. I knew it wasn't about talent and skill, but how much social engineering controls people.

We're all in a fight for attention. Whether a baby or a 90yr old, the fight is for attention. Can you get the masses to give their attention to you and not Stranger Things, what this celebrity is doing, or an elephant stomping on a grave. I feel like Kanye making his push to break into the rap world. Different from the image people expect and want to see but knowing once in front, will reshape the mind of the fickle masses. Once in front they all want to be, act, and dress like what they see. From jerseys, gangster rap, and baggy clothes to polos, fitted leather pants, and melodic soul sounds.

I see it as such: Everyone's eyes are glued to the main stage. Nobody's turning their head to see and damn sure not walk to see another stage. The only way to get the recognition is to be on the main stage. Once there they'll instantly start following your every move.

Honestly, I know the "Hey look I'm distributing directly through my website" doesn't matter. The knowledge I have and what "makes sense" doesn't matter unless or until I or someone A-level famous is doing it. Because it is the way it is. People don't care about uniqueness. People don't care about originality. They're gonna say "That's cool" and go right back to what the machine has engineered to be the norm for them. Drake is a perfect example. People are instantly bashing his last album because it's not what they wanted to hear. I love his response of "It's all good if you don't get it yet... We wait for you to catch up." Give it a few weeks and watch the world be praising that album while other artist chase a house music Tiktok anthem. It's all just follow the machine leader.

I remember Joe Budden speaking on talking to his ex-fiancé prior to doing Love & HipHop of how they could pitch their own show to the network and be in a position to make more. She shot it down quickly and saying (paraphrasing him saying what she said) "That's dumb. Why do that when they'll just pay us this guaranteed amount." I miss the days where people looked for an artist nobody's heard before. Seeked talent and not impressions. But who wants to do the work to find originality or create something when they can just watch it on YouTube or find someone else to do it. I'm not going to go deep into this but if people had to create more for themselves they would have a greater appreciation of the creations presented to them.

I keep a faith that the work I put in and visions... well, I can't even say visions because I've enacted them already, will show me the results I desire and know they should produce. Maybe one day I'll be successful in speaking to the people. The creative industry is not about original art, but about engineering. Technological and social/psychological engineering. Tech has become the greatest blessing and greatest curse. To those who are not hypnotized by the black and white spirals, I affirm a way and success for you through the mentis machine.

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