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Emotional Currency

My emphasis lately has been the word time. The valuation of and taking action with the time alloted. Today I'd like to talk about a close relative named emotional currency.

Many people vaguely use the word energy not specifying what form of energy. The form we're often referencing is our emotional currency. Where it's deposited. I look at EC like this:

Everyday we have a standard amount of EC to be deposited. This is made up of the amount of sleep, dietary, social fulfillment, level of activeness, conscious to unconscious actions, and entertainment.

Biologically we're accustomed to depositing to each unconsciously and withdrawaling from another when need be. Often times giving our EC to problems snd overthinking. I.E. less sleep because you we're having a great conversation at night; or time flew by watching a great movie! But what happens when that becomes conscious? When EC becomes a conscious act, we delegate it to the areas we desire.

We maybe spend more time in acts like reading, exercising, or choosing fruits as a snack over chips. When doing so we add to our EC. By filling our body with life we strengthen our cells raising dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine levels. Making us happier, calmer, and more alert. Doing so allows us to take on our regular schedule with less effort and allowing fo4 more task with less effort due to an increase in EC to spend.

When conscious we have the ability to increase and delegate our EC/time to what is most beneficial to us. The question then becomes... Where will you choose to deposit your EC?

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