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All the information you need to be a published author in 2023 is right here in this master class.

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This webinar will cover:

  • Getting past writer's block

  • Why Self-publishing > major publisher

  • Structuring and formatting

  • Establishing your brand

  • Author analytics and statistics

  • ISBN, copyright, and LLC importance

  • Author write-offs

  • Creating a writing schedule

  • Identifying your writing style

  • Walkthrough of KDP

  • Rough drafting process

  • Finalizing your manuscript 

  • Creating editing systems

  • Creating a selling cover

  • Identifying your target audience

  • Pitching your book

  • Social media marketing/branding

  • Marketing vs selling

  • Creating organic page growth

  • Curating high engaging post

  • Paying for ads

Writing Career

Shelby began his writing career September of 2017 during his last year of college. Finding triumph after a trying six months, Shelby wanted to share the process that brought him to one of his most memorable successes. "I honestly never had intentions on writing a book. I mean come on, I was 21, just had an amazing rebirth to my basketball career, and just received two pro contracts- but something told me go back for my last year of school. Didn't know it was to write a book." Shelby says his writing is inspired by his two favorite books, The Bully by Paul Langan and Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. "I wanted to have that dialogue with God like he did. It never happened- at least in that form. I always tell people I didn't write my books; I was just the vessel for the information. Lo and behold, one turned into two, two turned into three and four a year later, then six by 24; My teachers always told me I had a skill with words but never saw this coming." Shelby also has ghost written, co-authored, and contributed on over 300 authors' books.

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"I purchased the e-copy of How I Published My Book With $6 and Made Thousands My First Month. This book is worth every penny and then some. It has current & relevant info, straightforward part of the writing and publishing process and more. If you are serious about writing your book invest in a copy. It's solid. Also wanted to add that I finished my book in about 3 days. Love it!!! Thanks Shelby!"


I purchased the How I Published My Book With $6 and Made Thousands My First Month ebook! Let me just start by first saying that this ebook is one of the best resources for new authors who are trying to learn about the self-publishing business. Shelby did a great job making the book conversational which was just an added bonus to all of the knowledge he shares in the book! His book gave me the confidence I needed to press forward with manuscript and eliminated the doubt I had about self-publishing my book. This is a real gem."


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