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Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish is a self-awareness book that provides the reader with a simplified three-step process, connecting psychology and spirituality to teach how to rewire the subconscious for new automated responses. In this book you will learn how to literally "Change your mind" for the better. In 117 pages Shelby gives his process known as TDA (Thought, Declaration, Action) and uses personal stories as a way to create clear imagery to draw connections between the reader and themself, to rewire their mind from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and manifest consciously.


Published: January 4, 2018

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"Write My Pains Away" is Shelby's autobiography of his 24yrs of life. In 201 pages Shelby opens all the way up sharing his story and experiences with suicide, being hit by a car, escaping death, shootings, spiritual journey, self-sabotage, mental health, breaking of generational curses, family, self-worth, PTSD, college/professional basketball, entrepreneurship, validation, school, philosophies, and more. This is his sixth book. 

Releasing: March 10th, 2021

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The Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish series is a three book series, now combined into one. In 182 pages, Shelby connects psychology and spirituality to teach how to rewire the subconscious mind. Starting with the original Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish (118 pages), Shelby teaches his TDA (Thought, Declaration, Action) process and to rewire the subconscious mind from depression, anxiety, and PTSD to create new automated responses and manifest an individual’s true desires. In Unavoidable Truths, (28 pages), Shelby takes the reader deeper into self connecting them back to ONENESS and gives “The meaning of life”, while breaking down and giving guidance through the purgatory state, feeling of confusion and emptiness, that follows the rewiring of the subconscious mind. Last with Manifesting Affirmations, (4 pages, affirmations, then journal sample), Shelby closes out the series by providing tools and tricks to manifest greater and faster.

Published: October 2, 2019

Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish: Unavoidable Truths is an extension to the chapter "Unavoidable Truths" from Shelby's first Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish book. In 33 pages Shelby breaks down and answers questions posed during the purgatory state/feeling that follows the conscious awakening. Shelby connects the reader back to ONENESS, and answers questions of purpose, death, balance, universal connections, mastering sexual energy, activating the full brain, and literally hands the reader the meaning of life.

Published: May 1, 2019

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kindle A_Man_Amongst_Girls_Cover_for_Kin

Knowing that the root of human life is love; love of self and love of others, in A Man Amongst Girls: The Thoughts of a Good Man in a Female’s World Shelby challenges the reader to release emotional biases to understand the left (logical/masculine) and right (feminine/creative) brain for a true inner-standing of self. He addresses inconsistencies and flaws in societal norms in an effort for comprehension between men and women from the perspective of the "Good guy/women". Often in society the “Good guy/women” gets overlooked or mishandled. In his second book, 156 pages, Shelby identifies consistent obstacles that plague relationships from misinterpretations of the male's mind and gives insight to the male's experience. To do so he expresses the hidden vulnerabilities of the often unspoken for "Good guy". So what does go on in the mind of the so-called "Good guy?"


                                                             Published: August 20, 2018

In this book Shelby teaches how he became and created success for himself as a now, five time self-published author within two years. The information in this book is taken directly word for word from his weekly self-publishing class to give easier access to those looking to self-publish their first book and market it efficiently. The book covers writing statistics, creating a writing schedule, getting past writers block, top self-publishing companies, budgeting, rough drafting, marketing through social media, structuring and formatting, cover schemes, branding, and much more. (Read full topics covered by clicking the book)

Published: December 1, 2019

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"Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish: Manifesting Affirmations" is a journal containing affirmations personally applied by Shelby to manifest his desires. The book starts by teaching and providing tools and tricks found useful while manifesting; and leaves the reader with a journal to write their own life story.

                                                            Published: May 18, 2019

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